Prepare your christening order of service

我们已准备好此实用指南,以帮助您为您孩子的洗礼准备您的印刷服务订单!betway必威精装版为您的客人提供christening order of service bookletswill ensure that they are able to follow along with the christening service and will give them a lovely souvenir from your child’s important religious milestone! It, however, isn’t always easy to find the right wording for your christening order of service. Read on to find out what you should include in your christening order of service and to take a look at our handy order of service template for more inspiration!

Christening Order of Service ideas from Rosemood
Christening Order of Service Template

What should I include in my christening order of service?

  • 你孩子的名字和洗礼约会。betway必威精装版
  • 洗礼的位置。betway必威精装版
  • Tha name of the person leading the christening service.
  • The name of the godparents.
  • 参考洗礼仪式的关键时刻。betway必威精装版
  • 您选择的任何Christenibetway必威精装版ng读数的详细信息。
  • 如果使用您的教会赞美诗书,请为您选择的Chbetway必威精装版ristening Hymns或Hymn号码的单词。



  • 欢迎:vicar将欢迎大家到教堂,特别欢迎孩子们克里斯滕,父母和神父。
  • 圣经阅读:这张阅读将由您自己和牧羊人同意,通常会探讨洗礼的意义。
  • 承诺:The parents and godparents make important promises as an affirmation of their faith.
  • 十字架的标志:父母和神父将被邀请站在字体旁边,而牧马将在婴儿的头上制作十字架的标志。
  • 洗礼:水很幸运,然后倒在孩子的头上
  • 祷告和欢迎:所有人都为孩子祈祷,欢迎他或她进入教堂。对于那些将支持他或她的人来说,祈祷也坦白。
  • 给蜡烛:A lighted candle is given to the child as a symbol of the light of Jesus.
  • 解雇:“Go in the light and peace of Christ”


Christening readings are a way to make your child's christening service truly unique. Whilst we are sure that your church leader will be more than happy to suggest Bible readings for your christening, here are a few ideas for your christening readings so that you can start thinking about which passages you most relate to.

  • ISAIAH第9章第2-3和6-7:“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light…”
  • 诗篇67:“愿上帝对我们慷慨,祝福我们......”
  • Luke第3章(第3章)15-17,21,22:“...I baptise you with water, but one who is more powerful than I is coming...”
  • Mark Chapter 1 Verses 1-11:“...At that time Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptised by John in the Jordan...”
  • 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 Verses 1-4:“......所有人都在云中和海中受洗到摩西......”


You can also include the words to your christening hymns so that your guests can sing along, adding to the celebratory and joyous atmosphere of your child’s christening. Otherwise, include the number of the hymns if you are using your church’s hymn books. Here are a few suggestions for well-known hymns that are sure to have everyone join in the singing at your child’s christening.

  • 一切都明亮而美丽
  • Amazing Grace
  • Give me joy in my heart, keep me praising
  • 他手里有全世界
  • 早上已经破碎了,就像第一次早上
  • One more step along the world I go
  • 我的小灯光(我会让它发光)

Christening Order of Service Template

您可以通过点击下面的链接下载我们的Chribetway必威精装版stening订单,以帮助您入门。此模板可用于Microsoft Word和Mac。

Once you have replaced our default text with your order of service, you can print your service sheets in a booklet format using the following settings and then slide them into your wedding order of service booklets.

有关单词:Go to Page Setup. On the Margins tab, change the settings for multiple pages to Book Fold. When printing ensure that you select the option to Print on Both Side (Flip pages on short edge). If your printer doesn’t support automatic printing on both sides, select Manually Print on Both Sides, and feed the pages back to the printer when prompted.



How should I present my christening order of service?

Now that you have written your christening order of service, it is time to think about how you are going to present this to your christening guests. Christening order of service booklets from Rosemood are the perfect way to turn your printed service sheets into a lovely keepsake for your guests. Your christening order of service booklets can then be handed out at the entrance of the church or laid out on the church pews in advance of the service.

我们的Cbetway必威精装版hristening Service Service Booklets旨在封闭您的单独纸张插入,可以基于上面提供的模板。选择服务小册子的洗礼序单设计,以适应您betway必威精装版的小家,并使用孩子的名称和洗礼日期个性化外部封面。打印出纸张插入后,您可以使用匹配的功能区或甚至一些乡村的缠绕,将它们附加到我们的洗礼订单的内部。betway必威精装版看看我们的服务DIY提示的顺序on our blog for more information.

如果您对服务小册子的Christening订单有任何疑问,请与我们友好的客户服务取得联系或看看我们的betway必威精装版christening stationery FAQfor more information.